About Uzes

Once you've been to Uzes you will understand the charm and magic of the village, medieval vaulted ceilings, tree lined boulevards and pavement bars and cafes everywhere, outdoor dining is a must in the summer.
Even in France Uzes is regarded as a Chique place to go with many people from the north having holiday homes in the village. A popular tourist destination for all.
The village is a Duchy and the current Duke is the 17th in the line. The village is often referred to as the 1st Duchy of France.
The Romans used Uzes as a supply of water, feeding Nimes, and the stone channel that ran from a spring near Uzes (the Eure) to Nimes stretched nearly 50km including the Pont Du Gard.
The centre piece of the village is the Place Aux Herbs which is a central square surrounded by under cover vaulted walk ways and shops.
 The Boulevard is the main road through Uzes, it is a circular one way system which encloses the central squares, shops and restaurants.
Market day is a must, on a Saturday the market fills every bit of the town, don't try to drive in !
On Wednesday there is a smaller market, mostly food, flowers & herbs.
Festivals are all the time, you never need an excuse to party in Uzes, they range from pottery or art festivals to food and wine festivals.
The main annual Fete is the first week in August when the village is just one big long party and paella cook up for 4 days, the horsemen of the Camargue come to town with their horses and bulls to compete for the prizes from the Mayor ....... don't expect the town to sleep that weekend (at all !!)
The castle is a must to visit as are the medieval gardens and the shops..... there are lots of art galleries too !Uzes is in easy reach of lots of nearby attractions for young and old alike, a great central place from which to explore!
If you are a walker then try the gorge, you can walk all day in the fantastic countryside just below Uzes, easy to reach from the southern road into the town.

.............Don't expect your first visit to Uzes to be your last !